The Shopping Ban

Today I am starting on a shopping ban. The rules are:

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  • No shopping for clothes, accessories, gadgets, or books.
  • All crafting material has to be thrifted, or already be in my stash
  • New yarn can only be bought after all the yarn in my stash is used up
  • All other non-consumables should be thrifted, or land on a 30 day wait list.
  • Gifts are welcome
  • After six months I will go into review
  • If this turns out to be totally undoable I can break it off, it’s just an experiment
  • There is one exception, for everyday I write 500 words on that *all important document* between now and the 12th of November I get to spend 5 Euros at Loop London yarn store when I visit that weekend.


My reasons for this shopping ban are the same many people have for reducing their spending. I have a phase of less money coming up. I spend too much on things that I not only don’t need, but that I don’t use. I buy because it gives me a feeling of control. I already have so much stuff cluttering up my closets even after a recent binge of purging. I also realized that if I’m not shopping for clothes, something else takes its place, that’s why I am also banning books and gadgets. The need to shop doesn’t really care for the thing that is its object.

While this is also an attempt at staying on budget, this is not its primary goal. What I hope to accomplish with the ban is to figure out what is necessary for the way I want to live my life and how money can support that, rather than letting whimsy decide whether I have enough money at the end of the month to visit my friends and family.

What do you think? Have you done something like this? Are you interested in doing something like this? Please tell me about it in comments.

3 responses to “The Shopping Ban”

  1. Hi Paula!

    I always get a tingly feeling when I see someone else embarking on a no shopping challenge so I’m super excited for you. I love your rules and think you’ll do great!

    Looking forward to reading more,

    Holly x

  2. Paula says:

    Thank you Holly!

    And yay, yours is the first comment :)

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