Home is where…

I was born in Rostock, but I don’t have any ties there anymore. My parents feel at home in Berlin and my Grandparents have lived there for all my life, but I have always been there as a visitor. My formative years I spent in the US and I do feel a strong connection there, but is that home? There was a stint in Australia and I’ve spent the last 12 years in Stuttgart, but more than half that time I’ve been scheming about how to move away from this place.

Sometimes I feel quite rootless. I fear being blown around by life, getting swept away. And yet, this rootlessness is also a chance, full of possibility.

I get to move all over the world and belong. There are places all over the world that represent pieces of home, the baltic coast, the Coorong, Portland the younger, California and Virgina, even this room I am sitting in and places I haven’t been yet. I can find, through meditation, that inward connection that roots me in my own being instead of some outside bit of land.

There is freedom in that and joy. Yes, sometimes I still look at people who come from families that have always lived “there” and sigh with a hint of envy, but that dissolves the more I discover how much I belong with me.


Pico Iyer gave a great TED Talk on the same subject this June. Here are two quotes that spoke to me especially:

Home is not the place where you happen to be born, but the place where you become yourself.

Movement is only as good as the sense of stillness that you could bring to it to put it in perspective.

I suggest you watch the whole video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

2 responses to “Home is where…”

  1. Lovis says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    I was born in Potsdam, but lived all my childhood, teenager and student times in Rostock. As a good friend of you, I remember I always felt home when I was at your home, the nights we spent togehter laughing and talking, that felt like home. Not mommy and daddy home but friendship home and the days in US including this feeling of that we are all the same though we live in different lands and cultures.
    Then in between this feeling got lost or forgotten.
    Things and life were getting serious. Somehow a picture of growing up appeared.
    Now a lot has changed. I live in Sweden, married and 2 kids. And of course there is a physical home, this yellow wooden swedish house. There is as well a home in my mothers house….
    But then there is another really deep home inside me, in my heart, in my body, but especially in connection with other things, creatures and human beings. I re-remembered this feeling on the Avatarcourse. There is a deep grace and gratitude for it, which is hard to describe, but it brings tears to my eyes. For me it´s the same feeling, as when a child is born.
    But it´s always there if I give it time and space, in a simply breath, in a flower, in conection with another being. It´s a feeling in my rootchakra which goes up all through my body up to the sky, what can me make laugh and cry, there is a lot of love, compassion and connection. Maybe this what other call higher self, maybe what you call the Happy Hum; it feels right here inside me, mmmmh but even more in the being with you…
    With love and gratitude

  2. Mama K says:

    Yes, home is within you, and you will have to find it first in order to be home. And yet, to me people belong to it too. I can fall asleep on the red sofa at my youngest daughters house and wake up feeling at home. I have a yoga session with my other daughter at her place and feel at home. I think of my husband at an empty airport , call him and his voice makes me feel at home. Memories , music, books from the old days, the smell of a subway station….all that can give me a sense of home, because it belongs to a life I have lived and continue to do so with my loved ones.

    Love you Miss P.