“You can not find peace by avoiding life, Leonard.” (Virginia Woolfe, The Hours)

Alive in Berlin – First Impressions

Imagine two days full of people who get you, who get your desire for growth, who live their lives authentically, wholly and in service of the greater good.

Imagine a figurative kick in the butt so forceful that it propels you to reach higher and further towards your own best self, and that at the same time is gentle and supportive.

Imagine whole body dancing with, laughing with and hugging real amazing and interesting people who expand your vision of what is possible in this world in the best ways.

Sound delicious?

And I have yet to say a word about how wonderful, approachable and insightful the speakers were.

Alive was like meeting long lost friends I didn’t know I have.


The four-story-high tree at the back of my house is blooming and buzzing with bees and other insects. The buzzing was so loud this morning, I heard it through the closed window.
That’s what I call alive!

Let’s build it together

“When you leave this weekend it’s going to be you vs. procrastination, vs. complacency, vs. statistics, vs. odds, vs. history.”
– Greg Hartle (on why it is important to cultivate relationships and listening.)

We can’t build it on our own.

Connectional Intelligence

‘”Connectional Intelligence is the ability to build and realize value from networks of relationships, to harness units of knowledge and reuse them to innovate, to convene communities and to marshall a variety of resources for breakthrough results.

In our new world of an embedded digital infrastructure that connects all of our lives, the power of connectional intelligence holds exponential, and previously untapped, potential for breakthroughs in ways we can barely imagine.”
Erica and Saj-nicole believe that contextual capacity – the ability to bring together different kinds of people and ideas to foster recombination of different ideas, and to see things from a different perspective – is a key part of connectional intelligence and a key skill for both individuals and institutions to develop if they want to remain competitive.’

From Pamela Slim’s new book “Body of Work”.


Whenever I hear the first sentences of the Priests song in Les Miserables’ prologue I start crying. There is so much love and beauty in these simple words of compassion.

“Come in, Sir, for you are weary
And the night is cold out here.
Though our lives are very humble
What we have, we have to share.”

Let’s Play

What if you had an entire week of play?
Play and it’s secretly working on a project?
Play and it is secretly discovering the power of napping?
Play and it’s secretly playing all the plays?

Friends of The Fluent Self already know about the power of play and the power of Rally, a group play event in Portland.
Last year I trekked (what felt like) half way around the world to take part in a Rally. This year we’re bringing Rally to Europe.
We ( Hannah, Wiebke and I) have been working on this since September and it is truly my favorite project. It has been easeful, if not always easy, and processing your own stuff always came first.

If you want to know more, or join us follow this rabbit hole: